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the topic of tax reform. most people thought the world was flat and anyone sent on a journey would likely go off a cliff. columbus bar defined a new route. today we are going to be exploring new routes to tax reform and how to avoid the fiscal cliff. the senator will talk for approximately 20 or 25 minutes. and we will open up the conference to questions. >> there is perhaps no issue facing congress that is more complex man tax reform. for all the disagreements on taxes, most policy-makers and what the broad outline of tax reform might look like when you ask them is you get a startling difference in dramatically lowering the rate of broadening the tax debate. -- bess. -- base. ronald reagan and the 1986 congress created this. in the upcoming talks on the fiscal cliff, we should scrap this. the old style of tax reform is obsolete in a 2012 world. it does not fit the times because there are two new conditions that did not exist in 1986 but are staring us in the face today. first, a much larger and much more dangerous deficit and second, a dramatic increase been income and inequality. old-style
cliff. those expiring tax cuts and the budget cuts. if you would like to find out more, go to our website, c- span.org, and type in "a fiscal cliff" in the search box. >> look at what president obama did on the budget, nothing. as a result of his abdication of leadership, as a result of seeing the most predictable economic crisis and our country's history and not fixing it, our credit rating was downgraded for the first time in our history. >> to be laid out a four trillion dollar debt reduction plan. ladies and gentlemen, these guys vote against everything. i really mean it. not only do they say they don't like our plan. i get that. you don't like our plan, what is your plan? >> thursday, paul brian and joe biden will face often their only debate. -- paul ryan and joe biden will face off in their only debate. we will have a preview starting at 7:30 eastern. your reaction at 10:30. follow the live coverage on c- span, c-span radio, and online at c-span.org. the vice-presidential candidates preparing for that debate today. paul ryan in st. petersburg, fla., joe biden. president oba
he said that cutting taxes should not be part of negotiation of tax reform. i wonder if those comments in any way reflect the democratic stance. >> the president made clear that he supports tax reform broadly, but senator schumer is making an important point, that the wealthiest must pay their fair share. he is making the very clear point the president has made and others have made that it is fanciful thinking to imagine that you can give more tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires, and that the pixie dust of trickle-down economics will somehow erase any damage to the deficit or hold harmless the middle class -- it is a mirage. it is not realistic. the broader issues of tax reform are something that very much interest the president of united states, but has always -- his approach is always that everyone has to pay their fair share, everyone has to pay their -- everyone has to get a fair shot. in the debate he is having with the election and has been having with republicans on capitol hill, if we take a balanced approach that includes increased revenues by asking millionaire
/11, and today osama bin laden is dead. four years ago, i promise to cut taxes for middle-class families, and we have, by $3,600. of promised to cut taxes for small business owners, and we have 18 times. we got back every dime we used to rescue the banks, and we passed a law, to the end taxpayer-funded wall street bailouts permanently. we passed health care reform, also known as obamacare, because i do care. i do not want insurance companies, jerking you around anymore. i do not suit him -- do not want somebody without health care because they have a pre-existing condition. we repealed "don't ask, don't tell," as i promised him we would. today, he no outstanding soldier, marine, sailor, here man -- airman, none of them will be kicked out of the military because of who they are and who they love. when you think about ohio, and when governor romney said that we should let the auto industry go bankrupt -- we said, we are not going to take your advice. do not boo. vote. we reinvented a diving auto industry that supplies one in eight ohio jobs and has come roaring back to the top of the world. four y
is focused on giving herself a $7 million tax cut and hoping that trickles down to people who need help. my plan is focused on investing in the people of this state and funding our schools and building roads and bridges and we recognize the strength of our nation is the people who desperately want to good work. linda does have a plan under website but as we have recently learned, a good part of that is just listed word for word, paragraph by paragraph from white -- from right-wing republican sites in washington. it is not a plan for connecticut. it essentially parrots a bunch of talking points that have not worked for this country. >> why the lack of access as far as where the two of you are day in, day out. >> i don't think there is any comparison in terms of access. linda has refused to meet with editorial boards and i've been very willing to do so. i cannot count the number of press ability -- press availability as i have done. linda mcmahon does not want this campaign to be about issues. because of that is, she loses. whether its tax policy, support for education or women's health care,
on the table and they all signed a pledge for grover norquist. they will do anything for tax breaks for millionaires and oil companies and whole host of breaks for corporations. we will not solve this problem until tea party republicans can come to the table. guest: the democrats will only come to the table if they figure out someone to tax. the fact is, they have to budget. obama -- it's amazing to me that we have a president put a budget up here and got zero votes. we stepped up to the plate and put a solution to the problem. i would love to see the solutions that the democrat have. host: let me get in one more race. one of the top race that people are watching and that's utah fourth district. again from this political blog from the san francisco chronical. you say jim is at risk only democratic in congress to lose because of mitt romney's coat tails. guest: this is the most republican district in the country with the democrat representing it. his name and representation and job approval is rock solid. host: who is mia love? guest: fantastic candidate. small town mayor. doin
-- raise everybody's taxes. he took it -- he looked right into the land and says i'm going to raise your taxes. he has had a lot of experience in that and he is going to go ahead and do it. but remember the statement from london johnson when he was looking around at why his party people weren't supporting him. -- lyndon johnson. he said they paid their tails white and ran with the envelopes. there are a lot of democratic tales running with the antelopes. not one single democrat has introduced the mondale tax bill into the congress. of course i support the president's economic program and i support him and everything else. i'm not sure because of my concept of the vice presidency that if i didn't i would go doing what mr. mondale has done with jimmy carter -- jump away from it. i could not do that to ronald reagan now, next year, or any other time. i have too much trust in him, too much friendship for him, and i would feel very uncomfortable doing it. >> some republicans have criticized mr. mondale for saying he disagreed privately with jimmy carter's decision to impose a grain embargo. h
of comfort with voters. the obama campaign guns in. plant closings, layoffs, outsourcing, income tax returns. they take a baseball bat in beat romney's brains in in the six or seven swing states. that is why his numbers were upside down. why they did that i do not know. i have been asking that question since june. it was a huge miscalculation. the romney campaign family intervention try to introduce him -- this is what they should have done back in may or june. >> mrs. romney and the oldest son of mitt romney went to the father and said to have to change things. >> for a long time, the family had wanted to take the charlie cook approach. chris wallace alluded to the fact that their big bet from the beginning was that all you had to be was not obama. that turned out to be wrong. we can see in the different channels that they are doing now. you have to be yourself in addition to not being obama. >> let me explain. a lot of you do not know who stuart stevens is. he is a republican strategist from mississippi. he was a hollywood writer. he used to write "northern exposure." he has written a coup
will tax people who are trying to get somewhere instead of taxing people who are already somewhere. these people who are making billions of dollars have enough money to help others in need. they have enough money to give to the ones in need. instead of uniting the country and doing bad, we decide that we want to say, listen, we are going to pay these guys more than we will pay these guys. you have people on welfare that are barely making it. and obama is giving them a fighting chance. we have to give -- let me just say this one thing. and we ought to give the community a fighting chance. everybody has to have a fighting chance, as joe biden was saying last night. that is what they are thinking. host: did you participate in the democratic national convention in charlotte, when it was down there? caller: yes, sir. i was working down there. it was a mandatory work. host: what kind of work were you doing down there? caller: i was doing the about term attendant jobs at the airport. but i have just got laid off. and i'm going to re hard time. tuesday that 47% of the country does not want
, the conservative backlash, seeing the idea of tax dollars going to what many saw as a deserter minorities at white americans' expense -- recently, the supreme court ruled three years ago affirming a white firefighters claimed that they were victims of reverse discrimination in the city of new haven, connecticut. next week, the supreme court will take up fisher vs. university of texas, which challenges whether the race of applicants can be used as a factor in granting admission to diversify the student body. that brings us to today's discussion. we gather here today with a distinguished panel to discuss the future of affirmative action. although affirmative action is a hot-button topic, and as i mentioned earlier, passion's tend to run amok when is the subject of the day, i am hoping to do a better job than jim lehrer and promised to keep our conversation civil and on topic. i am sure most of you are very familiar with our panelists, and if not, you have their biography in the handout. i would not insult your intelligence by reading what you can read for yourselves. however, i want to say by way of
on the british ambassador, a tax on the red cross, judges assassinated, -- a tax on the red cross, and the murder of four americans, including our ambassador to libya. just a few weeks before that, our embassy in libya said this to the department of state -- the security condition in libya remains unpredictable, volatile, and violet. mr. chairman, despite what would appear to any reasonably objective observer as an escalating pattern of violence, including sophistication, coordination, and management, this administration blamed the murder of our ambassador and three others on a video. don't take my word for it, let's look at what ambassador rice herself said -- our current assessment is that what happened in benghazi was "in fact, initially a spontaneous reaction." i don't know what the phrase "in fact" means in diplomatically please put in a courtroom, it means it's a fact. she went on national television and said not as this ambassador has said, i have to speculate and i to get all the information. she said it "in fact." this was a spontaneous reaction to what transpired, almost a copycat of th
the tax breaks for oil companies. even republicans now agree we should do this, including governor romney. we could fully replenished these embassy security accounts with just a fraction of that amount. restoring our commitment to embassy security could make a real difference to thousands of americans who serve our country overseas, often in extremely dangerous circumstances, as you just stated. i do agree with you that we should act with the utmost urgency. every single moment count. from this day forward, it's my hope that our committee will pearly investigate this matter in a truly bipartisan manner. because our dedicated foreign service personnel and our nation deserve nothing less. with that i yield. >> i thank the gentleman. i might note for the record that i said this side of the desk relative to all of those in the audience. >> mr. chairman, thank you very much. >> although you did not name a particular rule you say i violated -- >> we will provide you with that, but we want to get on with the hearing. i promise i will provide that to you. >> with that i would ask unanimous consen
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